“Loving is such a beautiful thing”

22 Feb


“And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love”.

1 Corinthians 13:13, a beautiful bible verse and one of my inspirations why I will always and forever believe in “Love”.

Yes, always and forever believe in “love”, no matter how painful it can get most of the time. Just move forward and believe in “love”, no matter how many heart aches you’ve received. Just live and believe in “love”, no matter how many failed relationships you’ve been through.

This is me saying, Loving is such a beautiful thing. Despite of the sorrow and pain, you were once happy, excited, inspired, motivated – you were once in love.

Pain, sorrow and failure, we all experience this in life. But this does not mean you will stop believing in love. But rather you should use this for you to be a better person when you meet “The One”.

For every ending, there is always a new beginning. For every heart ache, there will always be a beautiful love story waiting for you. Believe in the power of love, for love never runs out of time. Believe in every happy ending. If you are still in pain because of Love, then it is not the end yet. One day you will be amazed that the only cure for a broken heart, is “Love”.

For all the people who do not believe in “Love” anymore, for those ladies and gentlemen whose hearts have been broken, for those people who are still in pain and for all the people who’ve been part of failed relationships – Live!Just Live! Move forward! Move on! Be happy and always choose to love because loving is such a beautiful thing!


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